Cosmetic Surgery

As the only female plastic surgeon with both private and NHS practices based in Derby, Miss O’Brien is uniquely placed to offer expert advice and support to all patients considering both surgery and non-surgical treatments.

Miss O’Brien offers a wide range of cosmetic surgical and non-surgical treatments including:

Is cosmetic surgery for me?

Choosing to have cosmetic surgery is a very individual choice that should be made by you. Your expectations must be realistic before embarking on any surgery. Make sure that you understand that there are risks as well as benefits and that you are prepared to accept these. Undertaking cosmetic surgery is an important decision, take your time to make your decision with the support of a reputable surgeon in a reputable hospital environment. Your general practitioner may be able to advise you.

The timing of surgery is also important. Most people at some time in their life can experience additional stress following a major life event. Cosmetic surgery is best timed when you do not have other major life events to cope with.

People often seek cosmetic surgery because they are self conscious about a particular aspect of their body. This can sometimes be difficult to discuss when you meet a surgeon for the first time. Make sure that you feel comfortable talking to the surgeon that you have chosen to support you and if you are not entirely comfortable you can always change your mind.

Do not be pressured by any organisation or individual into this type of surgery particularly financially with non refundable deposits.

I hope that this guidance is helpful when you are considering finding out more about the possibilities regarding cosmetic surgery. Make sure it is the right choice for you at the right time.


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