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Split Lobe Correction

What is a split earlobe?

As the name suggests, a split can occur in the earlobe usually as a consequence of wearing earrings.

Split earlobe
before repair

Split earlobe 1 week after repair
redness will fade over a short time

Why do people have a split in the earlobe?

Heavy, long or hooped earrings are more likely to get caught (usually from a hairbrush or inquisitive young child!) resulting in a traumatic tear to the earlobe.

This may be partial and increase the diameter of the piercing which is a nuisance as expensive ear studs can easily be lost as they simply fall out.

A more significant tear may cause a complete split in the appearance of the earlobe. Most patients present for earlobe repair as they find a split in one or both ear lobes cosmetically unacceptable.

What can be done to repair a split earlobe?

A simple procedure under local anaesthetic can be used to repair the earlobe and restore the normal shape. This can be performed as a day case or outpatient procedure.

Is it possible to re-pierce an ear after a split earlobe correction?

It is possible to re-pierce the earlobe. However it is advisable to pierce it in a different area to where the tear originally occurred.

At the site of the repair, the scar tissue will be weaker than normal tissue. It is also advisable to wait for approximately 3 months before re-piercing the ear to allow healing at the repair site to occur.

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