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Skin Lesions

There are many different types of skin lesions.

Some patients present with a skin lesion or mole that they find cosmetically unacceptable. In certain areas of the body, for example around the neck, raised skin lesions may rub on jewellery or clothes and cause irritation prompting patients to request removal.

Plastic surgical techniques can be used to minimise or disguise resulting scars following removal of a lesion, which is favourable in cosmetically sensitive areas of the body such as the face. The resultant quality of a scar depends on many factors including the genetic makeup of a person.

Other patients have skin lesions that need to be removed for medical reasons. They may represent an underlying skin cancer and necessitate further treatment. An accurate diagnosis is made on the history, examination and biopsy (laboratory tissue analysis).

Congenital skin lesion preoperative photograph

6 weeks following surgery to remove congenital skin lesion

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